Saturday, June 06, 2009

Siddha Home Remedies: Some More Medicinal Uses of Arugampul

Bermuda grass or arugampul juice has wonderful medicinal properties. It acts as an excellent detoxifier.

The credit for increase in the lifespan of human beings can undeniably be attributed to the conventional system of medicine. With its excellent diagnostic methods and thorough knowledge of human anatomy, allopathic system has virtually eliminated most of the dreaded diseases from the planet earth. In the process, more potent and powerful drugs were made to combat more virulent variations. The expensive medicinal system burnt a hole in the average Joe’s pocket. Also these drugs had dangerous side effects. What were once hailed as wonder drugs were later derided and shunned within a couple of years due to the side effects. This forced people to look into the direction of alternative systems. In Siddha system of medicine, arugampul is used to detoxify the body of these dangerous drugs. For this purpose, arugampul is collected and the knots in the grass are removed. Ten grams of this grass is then ground to a fine paste along with white pepper. This paste is then added to butter and taken on empty stomach early in the morning for three consecutive days. This is said to neutralize and remove toxins from the body. This also useful in cases of itching due to allergies.

Bad eating habits, environmental pollution, contaminated water, air etc can cause many diseases especially, skin problems. Skin diseases that manifest as a result of impurities in blood can be cured by Bermuda grass. For this turmeric, arugampul, basil leaves, rock salt and chebulic myrobalan are collected in equal quantities, ground to a fine paste, applied on the affected areas and after half an hour, can be washed away. Regular application of this paste helps in curing these diseases.

Bermuda grass is also found to be effective in curtailing blood loss. Be it blood loss due to an injury, or nosebleed, or excessive menstrual flow, these all can be treated with Bermuda grass or arugampul. In case of injury, arugampul paste can be applied on the wounded area. A couple of drops of Bermuda grass juice can help nosebleeds. Regular intake of arugampul juice is found to cure excessive menstrual flow.

Consumption of oily substances is a strict no, no for heart patients. They are advised to take chapattis. While preparing chapattis, arugampul juice can be used instead of water. This is also an ideal diabetic diet. Also 10-15 neem leaves along with a handful of arugampul can be ground to a fine paste with a few drops of water. This juice is effective in curing diabetes if it is of recent onset. In chronic case of diabetes, this juice helps in keep the sugar levels in control.

Research is going on in the western world on the medicinal effects of arugampul.

This grass is indeed a blessing to the ailing humanity.

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