Sunday, June 07, 2009

Siddha Home Remedies: Adhatoda Vasica

Adhatoda vasica (Adathoda in Tamil and Adalodakam in Malayalam) is a medicinal plant used extensively in treating cough and cold. It is a native of the Asian continent. The flowers, leaves, bark, root are used in preparing Ayurvedic and Siddha medicines to treat various bronchial and lung diseases. It has a bitter taste. It is an expectorant and bronchodilator. Alternative systems use preparations made from this plant to treat asthma.

The general areas of treatment where it would be of use include vata diseases, fevers, stomach diseases, cough, wheeze, vomiting, etc. It improves the tone of your voice.

Juice of the leaves 10-20 drops with honey is found to cure the above mentioned diseases, especially cough, wheeze, fevers.

A decoction made of the leaves plus honey can also do the trick.

Three leaves of adathoda cut to pieces along with a cardamom is soaked in 400 ml hot water. After two hours, filter out the leaves and cardamom.  50 ml of this water is given three times a day for fever and cough due to phlegm.

One time tested preparation for bringing out phlegm in chest as well as treating cough and cold is mentioned below.

Three leaves of the plant are cut into very small pieces.  Using a fresh mud put, fry these finely cut leaves using 2-3 teaspoon honey. Frying will give rise to a nice aroma. Once you get this smell, add finely ground athimathuram 2 gm, thippili 2 gm, thalisapathiri ½ gm, sitrarathai ¼ gm, to the adhathoda leaves along with a litre of water and reduce it to ¼ litre.  This preparation can be given morning and night for a day or two for expelling the phlegm from chest.

More remedies using the adathoda plant to follow.


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