Monday, December 08, 2008

A Siddha Hair Oil for Hair Loss Using Fenugreek

Fenugreek is found to help hair loss. Detailed below is the preparation of a hair oil using some Siddha herbs and fenugreek, that has been very effective in arresting hair loss. This is for information purposes and please consult your physician before deciding to use this.

Fenugreek 200 gm
Indian gooseberry 50 gm
Kizhanelly plant (phylanthus amarus, Niruri) 50 gm
Nilavembu (Kariyat) 50 gm
Henna leaves 50 gm
Coconut Oil 600 gm

Place fenugreek in an earthen pot and add 500 ml of pith of aloe vera to it. Keep it aside for 12 hours and then remove off the aloe vera pith. Dry the fenugreek in shade.

Cut the gooseberries and remove the seeds. Put gooseberries in a mud pot and pour 200 ml tender coconut water to it. After 12 hours, filter out the gooseberries and dry them in shade. Grind the gooseberries once dried.

Grind the whole of kizhanelli plant to a fine paste. Also crush the nilavembu to powder. Grind the henna leaves to a fine paste.

Pour coconut oil in an earthen vessel and heat it over stove. Once hot, put feenugreek into the oil. After a minute, put the gooseberry paste. Then add kizhanelli and henna pastes. After five minutes, add the crushed nilavembu and close the vessel with a lid. Once the oil reaches a thick consistency, remove the vessel from stove and let it cool. Store it in a bottle.

How to use
Hair fall can be arrested by applying the oil to hair roots once a week. Let the oil soak for half an hour and wash it off using warm water. Never use cold water for this purpose. Using soapnut powder for cleansing would help but not a necessity.

Do not expose yourself to excessive sunshine on such days. Also avoid keeping awake late into night, sex etc on these days. Avoid cool drinks and fruit juices. Never use the oil when you have cold or runny nose. Children below 10 years should avoid using this oil.

My subsequent posts will deal wih some more variations of Siddha hair oil using fenugreek.

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Justin said...

Thanks shaiju, I like to read some bit more on hair loss. very nice blog keep it up.

Raghunadha Murthy said...

Thank you Shaiju, I am in US and can't get all these things done by myself... My request is- is there any way I can get this prepared and I buy it. not only this, the other medicine too.
- Raghu

Shaiju Joseph said...

Hi Raghu

You can buy online from the websites of Impcops, Tampcol, Kottakkal Ayurveda, Nagarjuna etc.