Monday, December 29, 2008

Siddha Hair Oil for Hair Growth Method 2


Fenugreek 300 gm
Kizhanelli whole plant 150 gm
Karisalanganni leaves 150 gm
Henna leaves 150 gm
Coconut oil 900 gm


Put fenugreek in an earthen pot and pour 600 ml fresh milk into it. Allow fenugreek to soak for 24 hours. Filter out the fenugreek and let it dry in shade. Once dried, powder the fenugreek to a coarse consistency.

Grind the kizhanelli plant to a thick paste. Similarly grind karisalanganni leaves and henna leaves separately to a thick paste.

Now pour coconut oil in an earthen pot and heat it. Put fenugreek powder and heat for 3 minutes at medium heat. Now add the kizhanelli paste to this oil and after 5 minutes add karisalankanni paste. After 5 minutes, add the paste of henna leaves. Reduce the heat to a simmer and allow the oil to reach a thick consistency. Remove the pot from stove and let it cool. Store the oil in a bottle.


Clean your hair using soap nut powder the previous day. Apply the hair oil as needed from the next day onwards. Once in seven days, for bathing purposes, use the oil as needed and wash it away with soap nut powder.


Do not use this oil at times of cold, fever, diarrhoea etc.

Source: Venthayathin Sirappu Maruthuvam by Dr. Thirumalai Natarajan

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hams said...

DR.THIRUMALAI NATARAJAN is our grand father .his daughter name is vasanthi alis his grand daughter my name is priya darshini..we are very proud of him to see his books name in we dont know where he is .we miss him a lot ..
with tears
priya darshini.