Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Siddha Medical System

Siddha medical system consists of Yogam (yoga), Gnanam (gnana), vatham, vaithiyam (treatment), jothidam (astrology), manthrikam (magic) and so it is connected to spirituality and a way of life. To diagnose diseases that arise out of disharmony of Vatham, Pittham, Kapham, (tridoshas) is the treatment part of the system. It is claimed that there is no disease that cannot be cured by this system. It adopts the principle of “food as medicine, medicine as food” to translate literally the Tamil maxim. This system advocates vegetarianism.

This system not only cures diseases, it also prevent diseases and help in living a long and healthy life. For this purpose the Siddha system advocates a life style of dhyana (meditation), thavam (ascetic practices), pranayama, and kayakalpa. The Siddhas by their wisdom found that man is the microcosm and part of the macrocosm the Universe. What is there is in the Universe is what is within man (woman) and by knowing oneself one knows everything. This principle was expounded by the Siddhas in their works.