Saturday, October 28, 2006


Archeological excavations in Mohenjadaro, Harappa in the Sindh plains found inscriptions relating to medicinal uses of Neem, deer horn, pearl, etc were found. These products are extensively used in Siddha system of medicine. This goes on to say about the rich tradition of Siddha system.

This system was popularized eons ago by the famed 18 Siddhars (18 Saintly people who by their meditation and ascetic practices attained mystical powers). These Siddhars or Siddhas are found to have lived between 1000 BC and 500 AD. They had their own teams and traveled from villages to villages curing people for free from their physical ailments.

The 18 Siddhars are

Thiruvarutchitthar Agathiyar
Thirumoolar Siddhar
Kolangi Siddhar
Bogar Siddhar
Pulippani Siddhar
Sattamuni Siddhar
Macchamuni Siddhar
Ramadheva Siddhar
Kamalamuni Siddhar
Sivavaakiyar Siddhar
Karuvoor Siddhar
Edaikaadar Siddhar
Sundharanadhar Siddhar
Azhukanni Siddhar
Paambatti Siddhar
Therayar Siddhar
Konganar Siddhar
Korakkar Siddhar

All these Siddhars or Siddhas were Saivaite Tamils who have authored wonderful books on various aspects of Siddha system of medicine.